Dr. Dobb’s Reviews iTKO LISA 3.5

Dr. Dobb’s reviewed LISA 3.5 recently and wrote this article.  It’s funny that I had no idea that they were doing the review!

LISA is best-of-breed at testing SOA.  And it can also test so much more — web site recording, JMS, EJB, Swing UI automation are some technologies covered, to name a few.  I feel that LISA’s depth in this way is often understated when compared to the competition.

As they put it, "few products go further than exercising the external face of your SOA services. SOAPTest and SOAPScope, for example, can tell you something’s wrong with a service, but they can’t necessarily dig in and tell you that the real problem is with an SQL query executed by an EJB (Enterprise JavaBean) somewhere deep within the service’s business logic. LISA can, and does, provide this level of detail."